At The Essential Bookkeeper we are experts in ensuring that your accounts are balanced, accurate and comply with all legislative requirements. However, we are so much more than that. We partner with you to help you achieve whatever profitable business success looks like to you.

We’re here to help you manage the complex challenges of running a small business competently.

We can help you: 

  • Start a business the right way from the beginning

  • Carve out your niche and own your space in competitive markets

  • Grow and scale your business when you’re ready to take the next step

  • Hire and pay a team that helps your business soar

  • Enter the right new markets the most effective way

  • Sell your business so that you can move onto the next exciting chapter

  • Downsize when you’re ready to make a lifestyle change

  • Source funding to make your profitable business ideas a reality

  • Upskill with financial and business knowledge that sets you apart from competitors

  • Digitise your accounts in secure cloud-based accounting software, so that your records are easily accessed, properly organised and much more productive.

  • Identify efficiencies & opportunities to increase profitability and grow revenue

  • Tick all the compliance boxes when you open a new office

  • Ensure optimal operating efficiency by updating your software

  • Take the headache out of the many accounting and human resource compliance issues that small businesses face.

  • Get paid on time and know that there is money regularly coming in from your clients.



Rachel Sumpter is the woman behind The Essential Bookkeeper.  She recognised very early on in her extensive career, that businesses need more than someone to mechanically manage their accounts and ensure compliance. Businesses need someone who helps them grow profitably through smarter bookkeeping.

Rachel describes herself as a life-lover, thinker, organiser, freestyler, a fun Mum, sporty, life giver, numbers nerd, honest, hard working and detail-orientated.

She provides excellent and affordable bookkeeping and business solutions tailored especially for your businesses’ financial success. She prides herself on her long-lasting relationships with her clients. These relationships have been built off the back of the results she has achieved for her clients due to her knowledge, experience and integrity.